Play with Everything, Learn to Watch Snails, and Take lots of Naps

From my interpretive series from “How to be an Artist” by Sark     


~ Play with Everything, Learn to Watch Snails, and Take lots of Naps ~

(What Cats teach us)        


You're probably saying "oh geez, another cat blog".  But this one has a lesson.  Trust me.

Four years ago we adopted two 6 year old cats from the shelter.  I cannot tell you what an experience that  was for me.  I had two fur baby sisters for 16 years, since they were kittens, Tasha and Scoobie.  The last years of their lives I spent taking care of their aging bodies.  Both are now in kitty heaven.  My husband and I decided to wait until we got some house stuff done before we would start looking for new kids.  


When I met Ziva and Vala (these are the names we gave them) at the Humane Society I immediately fell in love.  Right from the start I could tell they both had very sweet personalities and being that they weren’t related they actually got along really well in the meet and greet room.  So, we signed the papers and home we came with our precious babies.  I cried all the way back home because I knew what a big step it was for me.  A letting go and letting in again.


They took only two days to settle in.  I thought it would take weeks.  They adjusted to us, and all this new space to roam and investigate, and to each other.  There was a little hissing at first but now they nose kiss each other and are able to snuggle with us together at the same time.



The biggest adjustment for us after having two senior cats is the curiosity and playfulness of younger cats, something that we had forgotten about.  They are checking out everything, playing with everything, and loving every minute of it as are we.  They find wonder in the simplest things, paw and stare at seemingly nothing, touch and sniff the most everyday items.  


As playful as they are they have moments of complete bliss.  They sit contently for hours in the window and watch the trees sway, the birdies eat, the squirrels romp, the world outside.  Stretch themselves out on the floor, or on top of the couch, or anywhere and just chill.  Hanging out with us mere humans and relaxing, they look you in the eyes while your rubbing their bellies and say “now that’s what I’m talkin’ about”.   And then fall asleep.  Just like that. When they wake, they are ready to go.  Ok, more pets please, what’s over there, Oh, a closet I haven’t investigated, snacks please, what’s up on that counter, another window, shoes .....


Last November Ziva got very sick very fast and we had to let her go.  In January we went back to the shelter and adopted a sweet, goofy, lovable black cat named Magic.  She is 3 1/2, and all of it LOL.  Still kittenish and  twice as much curiousity, investigating, and catness.  Her favorite spot is any high ground she can find so she can get the full view of the world around her.  



So, what I’ve learned over the years sharing a life with cats - be curious about your world and know where your best view is.  Touch and experience and rethink the ordinary things.  Relax and chill out with friends as much as you can.  Take naps to revitalize yourself so you can do it all over again.  Only eat when you’re hungry.  Drink lots of water.  Take care of each other when old age makes life a little challenging.  And mostly, love with your whole being.  Even as heartbreaking as it is when it’s time to say goodbye, loving that deeply brings so much joy, contentment and wholeness into your life.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.   

Blessings to All