How my Guitar String Jewelry is made

Since half of my handmade jewelry is made with guitar strings, donated by my husband and a few awesome musician friends, I thought I'd share the process of how it all happens.

First I want to share a cool video from the show "How it's made" on the making of guitar strings. I was pretty fascinated by the process myself.

Then........... step two. Music is made and the magic begins.

Joe Barborich photo 1011437_10200701751600058_138842377_n.jpg

This is my husband - Joe Barborich

Then......... step three. The used strings are gently placed into my super special "Guitar String Box"
 photo P1030139.jpg

Then......... step four. Ta Da!!!!!! After hours and hours of contemplation and pilot programs and test driving :D......……

 photo GSN104BlackjetGuitarStringnecklace.jpg photo GSB84GuitarStringbanglephosphrousbronzesteelcopperPewterTrebleclef-3.jpg photo 113CSBGuitarStringwirecuffbangleBlackwire-4.jpg photo Guitarstringpendantnecklace.jpg photo GSE113Purpleovalhoopguitarstringearringswirewrapwithcrystaldrop-4.jpg

Then........ step five. To the shipping department to be packed up and out the door for speedy delivery to a very happy customer

 photo Macysshippingdept.jpg

So there you have it. From the string factory to my bench to you. Hope you enjoyed this demonstration of a very complex and logistically complicated process.

Blessings to All